Global expansion

For the solution of water and hygiene issues in the world, international contribution and support to the business development of Japanese wastewater treatment enterprises are in great demand. JIWET has been conducting joint research to support the global expansion of Japanese technology and promoting international contribution.

Recent research

In April, 2009, the Japan Global Center for Urban Sanitation (GCUS) was established and started activities to contribute to solving water and hygiene issues in the world and to support Japanese wastewater treatment enterprises with their global expansion. As part of those GCUS activities, JIWET has been carrying out investigations as well as the sharing and provision of information about the technologies required for international cooperation. In addition, it has been conducting joint research that backs up actions to introduce Japanese wastewater treatment technology to the world in order to provide support for the utilization of the Japanese technology necessary to develop businesses that meet the needs in the relevant countries and regions.

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