Research and development of new technology
There is the joint research that the JIWET carries out ,on the request basis, the characteristic research with nation/local authority and also private enterprise that advances to, the research/development of new technology voluntarily.

 Joint research with private enterprise

 Evaluation of new equipments
JIWET `Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology` for the introduction of a new technology into sewerage works, examine the function of new equipments as sewerage facilities.

At first, suitability for this scheme is examined with application.

Afterward, it is tested and the result is discussed in "the examination proof committee ", the people from academic background research laboratories, and the certificate is delivered to the technology that receives approval.

The report to which the examination proof certificate is appended is distributed to an organization, and has been used widely as judgment data of new technology introduction.

In addition, it is announced widely to public information about introductions in sewerage industrial paper, registration JACIC and briefing session by the construction technology examination proof organization, etc…

Please use this system positively to spread and to develop a new technology.

■Object of examination proof
  1. The technology that related to method of management, construction, design, investigation that are related to the sewerage facilities.

  2. The technology that is related to machine, facility, instrument, material on the construction of sewerage facilities.
■Application period and Examination cost
  1. Application period May.31 from April.1

  2. Examination cost  One technology \3100000(according to consumption tax)
    :It cooperates in multiple enterprises, and the application is also possible.
    : Accept the consultant anytime.

 Development of the system of a design, product arithmetic etc.
We make a design standard, product arithmetic standards, execution standard etc, on the basis of survey research to intend the adjustment, economization of the design, product arithmetic, execution of the sewerage technology that were developed newly.

 Diffusion activity of new technology.
It is important to disclose the information regarding sewerage to the person concerned widely, to be going to advance sewerage business smoothly.