Technology Review and Certification

The Japan Institute of Wastewater Engineering Technology (JIWET) evaluates and certifies new technologies for sewerage facilities in order to introduce new technologies to sewerage works.
JIWET evaluates whether the applied new technology is suitable for sewerage works.
Then the technology is tested and the result is discussed by the examination proof committee comprising people from academic background research laboratories. After the committee has approved the technology, JIWET certifies it.
Once the technology has been certified, the test report of the technology is distributed to local public agencies so that they can judge whether to introduce the technology.
The certified technology is introduced in sewerage industrial paper, registered to JACIC, announced in briefing sessions collaboratively held by the construction technology examination proof organization.
Please positively use this system for further prevalence and development of new technologies.

1. Technologies subjected to examination proof

  1.Those related to survey, planning, design, construction, and management of sewerage facilities
  2.Those related to machines, facilities, instruments, and materials of sewerage facilities

2. Application period
   1.Application period: April 1 through May 15

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