Water quality improvement by advanced sewage treatment

As described above, eutrophication has caused serious water pollution in the three major bays and other designated lakes and reservoirs. To reduce the inflow of nitrogen and phosphorus that cause the problem, it is required to employ advanced wastewater treatment. In addition, to improve the quality of treated water, it should gradually be introduced to the plants that currently employ conventional activated sludge processing by promoting partial facility and equipment alteration. Aiming at the creation of a good social environment, JIWET has been working on the improvement of water quality with advanced wastewater treatment via joint research.

Joint research already conducted

「An investigation study about nitrogen and phosphorus removal process、
「Investigation Research on a Nitrification Promotion TypeAnaerobic Anoxic Oxic Process」etc.

Recent research

「Study of simultaneous nitrification and denitrification controlled by NADH」
「Evaluation Research on the Nitrification-denitrification Process」

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