As a technology link-up between industry, government and academia, JIWET has developed activities for the increase of the public good. To this end, while focusing on compliance matters, it has cooperated with local public bodies and tertiary educational institutions and established a system that, by utilizing the diverse human resources thus gained, enables quick and flexible response to issues requiring highly specialized, advanced technology.
 More specifically, JIWET consists of the Councilor Meeting, Board and Supervisor and the Secretariat deployed underneath. The Secretariat is constituted by the General Affairs Department, Planning Department, Technology Evaluation Department and the Sewerage New Technology Research Institute that carries out the research and development of technology. In the Sewerage New Technology Research Institute, there are the First Research Department, Second Research Department and Resource Circulation Research Department, where researchers with expertise specific to each individual research topic are conducting investigation, research and evaluation activities. In addition, by establishing various other committees that consist of experts from industry, government and academia depending on the issue, JIWET collects know-how and technology from those domains and performs research based on them.


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