Apropriate stock management

With the development of sewerage, conduit stock has increased. In the meantime, the number of accidents caused by facility aging is also on the rise. In sewerage, stock management and remedies for aging facilities are major issues. Therefore, the alteration and repair of facilities must be carried out based on deliberate plans that target those specific issues. Aiming to realize a safer and more secure life and to ensure its sustainability, JIWET has been working on proper stock management in sewerage via joint research.

Joint research already conducted

「Research on Control Measures for Infiltrating Rainwaterin Separate Sewer Systems」、
「Joint research on a equipment diagnosis technique utilizing Tribology」

Recent research

「Joint Research on Pipeline Diagnosis Using The Impact Elastic Wave Method」、
「Results of Joint Research on Investigations, Diagnoses and Renewal of Sewage Manhole Covers」

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