Implementaion of anti-inundation measures

In recent years, the frequency of localized torrential rain has increased, particularly in urban areas, which often causes serious flood damage. To prevent this, it is necessary to conduct rainwater information management with software in conjunction with mitigation implemented by hardware such as drainage facilities. Aiming at the realization of a safer and more secure life, JIWET has been carrying out joint research in various domains by means of both hardware and software to tackle flood damage. 

Joint research already conducted

「Investigation and research on the equipments of sewerage stormwater infiltrationfacility」、
「Cooperative research on the underground precast style rain water storage facilities」、
「Surveillance study on outflow analysis model」、
「Study on planning stormwater pumping station network system」、
「Inundation hazard map research」、
「Joint Research on a Plastic Underground Rainwater Storage and Percolation Facility」

Recent research

Joint Research on a Real Time Rainfall Information Network

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