Promotion of earthquake disaster prevention

When sewerage stops functioning because of earthquakes and the consequent damage, there is a long-term effect on civic life. In the Great East Japan Earthquake, an unprecedented level of tsunami caused significant damage to sewage treatment plants and pumping stations. Under such circumstances, the importance of developing sewerage business continuity plans (BCP) has been recognized again and the development of efficient anti-earthquake, anti-tsunami measures is requested. JIWET has been carrying out joint research to tackle earthquakes and the consequent disasters with the aim of realizing a safer and more secure life.

Joint research already conducted

「Investigation and research on the equipments of sewerage stormwater infiltrationfacility」、
「Cooperative research on the underground precast style rain water storage facilities」、
「Surveillance study on outflow analysis model」、
「Study on planning stormwater pumping station network system」、
「Inundation hazard map research」、
「Joint Research on a Plastic Underground Rainwater Storage and Percolation Facility」

Recent research

「Joint Research on a Real Time Rainfall Information Network」

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