Outline of the role

Purpose of the establishment of JIWET and features of its activities

In Japan, sewerage services are developed, maintained and managed by local public bodies. However, their operation involves an extensive range of organizations and human resources from industry, government and academia such as private enterprises with the pertinent technology and know-how, state administrative bodies and academic people with knowledge and expertise.

JIWET was established to function as a “coordinator” to administer a network of technology, information and human resources between those three domains. This enables collaborative R&D activities to solve issues and thus promotes the smooth operation of the services.

Under such industry-government-academia collaboration, JIWET conducts investigation, research, development and evaluation activities to solve a variety of issues concerning sewerage services, and disseminates and raises awareness of the outcomes widely in society. Its mission is to contribute to society by promoting the introduction of the results gained via those activities to actual services. In fact, many of them have already been utilized nationwide and increased the public interest.

In the course of advancing R&D activities and technology assessment, their contents are examined technologically and scientifically with a fair and objective attitude and the outcomes are compiled by established committees, such as the Technology Committee, consisting of people with relevant knowledge and experience, state and local public bodies and experts from the private sector.

In addition, JIWET has professional engineers with diverse experience, who conduct activities swiftly and flexibly.


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