Establishment of energy and resources recycling

Energy saving, energy creation and anti global warming are the current, most urgent issues. Under such circumstances, a prompt shift to a recycling-oriented, low-carbon society is desired. Therefore, the effective utilization of sewage sludge as an energy resource needs to be accelerated more than before. Aiming at the creation of a good social environment, JIWET has been working on the establishment of effective resource and energy circulation systems via joint research.

Joint research already conducted

「Study on the utilization of sludge by means of cement recycling skill」
「Study on the utilization of the technology of manufacturing permeable bricks with recycled
Joint research on the technological manual of the composting facility of sewage sludgesewage
「The Research on the Technical Standard for the Treated Wastewater Reuse」、
「Joint Research on Biomass Methane Fermentation」

Recent research

「Joint Research on a Small Scale Use Sewage Sludge Fuelization System」
「Joint Research on N2O emissions from the Newest Sludge Incinerators」、
「Joint Research on Steel Plate Digestion Tanks」
「Study of Concerning Efficient Introduction of Phosphorus Resource Recovery Technology」


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